Original and Affordable Wedding Centerpieces: Who Said Inexpensive Had to Look Cheap?

These original and affordable wedding centerpieces are gorgeous and can fit different wedding decors. We even bring you a few tutorials so you can make them all by yourself!

As the first thing a guest notices at a reception, wedding centerpieces must be truly memorable. Here you will find affordable wedding centerpieces that can fit a boho, rustic, vintage, industrial and garden or beach weddings and even at an indoor venue. You can adapt these ideas to your wedding by simply adding a touch of your own style. For example, for a table where gold is king, a centerpiece with a very colorful flower bouquet mixed with candles will look stunning. If you decide later to tone it down and change the color of the plates to a more subdued one, your centerpieces will look just as beautiful.

Beach Wedding Centerpieces with a Romantic Touch of Light

Beach weddings are always romantic. The ocean views, the sound of the rolling waves and the smell of the salty sea breeze make for a unique experience. Beach wedding centerpieces must complement this style, without breaking your budget, of course.

Candles are a terrific option for affordable wedding centerpieces. They can be used in a simple yet effective manner and within a tight budget. Beach weddings are especially romantic when candles take over the wedding decor. This image gives you an idea of what an abundance of crystal and candles looks like.

Combine flowers, candles, tall vases and water for a very delicate look. These simple wedding centerpieces will only embellish your tastefully decorated tables.

Check out these elegant tinted bottles and mason jars as candle holders which protect against the wind to ensure they remain alight throughout the wedding ceremony.

Boho Chic Affordable Wedding Centerpieces: Fresh Aroma of Flowers & Greenery

Today is the last day you ask yourself how to make wedding centerpieces that look terrific, are affordable and easy to put together. These flower-filled ideas will have you lusting after some amazing boho chic centerpieces.

Check out this image of how you can make affordable wedding centerpieces by simply using roses, ranunculus, green filler flowers, olive branches, and a mason jar.

These affordable wedding centerpieces are perfect for a shabby chic garden wedding. Leverage the simplicity of seasonal flowers or just pick your very own from the surrounding countryside.

How to make affordable wedding centerpieces: Simply place your favorite flowers in glass vases or in mason jars. Simply spectacular!

Affordable Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

Have a look at these vintage-inspired and affordable wedding centerpieces. This image gives you an idea of how to make simple wedding centerpieces using a glass bowl that you might have lying around the house (or can borrow from a friend), candles and pearls.

Inexpensive wedding centerpieces don’t have to look dull or cheap. With good taste, dedication, and attention to detail you can create the perfect ornament for your wedding tables. Here is a great idea to make an economic table arrangement. Place some roses and filler flowers in the pot, add some white doilies and a wine bottle by its side. Vintage chic and really affordable.

Brunch weddings, A Delicious (and Budget-Friendly) Way to Celebrate Your Love

Brunch weddings, A Delicious (and Budget-Friendly) Way to Celebrate Your Love

Who doesn’t love brunch? This is a terrific idea to leave everybody happy (and looking forward to your big day) for couples on a budget. Feast yourself on these thought-provoking ideas for brunch weddings. From food to decor too much more!

City hall at sunrise and a relaxed brunch afterward sound like the perfect idea for early risers, breakfast fans and couples on a limited budget.

Brunch weddings are some of the most cost-effective ways to host your wedding reception. Banquet halls and restaurants are less expensive to rent in the daytime. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, you won’t have to spend on wedding lights. There is no need for an ultra-posh wedding gown. And, depending on the menu items and the caterer of choice, a brunch can range in price from $15 to $85 per person.

Brunch weddings, A Delicious (and Budget-Friendly) Way to Celebrate Your Love

Planning Brunch Weddings: The Do’s and Don’ts

Before you begin listing your favorite breakfast foods, we thought it would be appropriate to share some do’s and don’ts for a planning brunch weddings.

A brunch reception usually takes place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. so you can start the morning with a 10 a.m. ceremony and head out to the delicious brunch spread at 11 a.m. or noon.

For the coffee lovers, nothing will be more welcoming than a yummy coffee bar with all the fixings surrounded by muffins, croissants and orange-scented scones. You can offer American coffee, expresso, cafe au lait, caramel machiatto, iced coffee; different teas like Earl Grey, iced tea (sweetened or unsweetened), chamomile, jasmine, orange, and black; and fresh juices, fresh strawberry lemonade or a fruity ginger ale punch. The sky is the limit! Dress up your drink station with personalized coffee cups and swizzle sticks and voila! A coffee station to die for!

Unlike afternoon or evening wedding affairs, brunch weddings need alcohol and spirits properly timed. Consider serving alcohol in moderation (it will save you beaucoup of bucks) after your guests have eaten something. Think bellinis (peach nectar and sparkling wine), mimosa bars, champagne, bloody mary’s (OJ and sparkling wine), mint juleps and other morning-time cocktails like tequila sunrise (grenadine, tequila, and orange juice), punch and screw-drivers.

Brunch weddings do not equate lack of dancing. Just make sure the place you rent for the reception has space for it. Or you can add some games or musical entertainment for your guests.

When choosing the location for your brunch wedding, remember to see it during the time of day you are planning your reception.

Brunch can be served buffet style or as a seated meal, or both. You can feature quiches, pastries, fruits, and a salmon or roast beef carving station. Consider serving more healthful options like yogurt, poached salmon, grilled veggie sandwiches and egg-white omelets.

A good idea for the main appetizer is a mashed potato bar where each guest gets a martini glass and can pile up their own toppings.

Last but not least: the wedding cake. The choices are unlimited. You may opt for a gorgeous naked-cake, a lighter confection such as lemon or angel food cake, or the classical breakfast wedding cake, the mouthwatering waffle cake!

Food and Decor for Brunch Weddings

When planning a brunch wedding, think out of the box. I mean, who says that you cannot include pastas and steaks in your brunch wedding? Here are some delicious brunch wedding ideas including topping bars, waffle cakes (or donut cakes, why not?), southern biscuits, poached salmons, grilled veggies, and coffee cocktails.

Brunch weddings’ bonus: brunch foods are often less expensive than dinner foods, but they don’t look cheap.

Requirements and Steps to Marry Civilly in the United States

Requirements and Steps to Marry Civilly in the United States

If you have decided to say yes to a justice of the peace, you must know the requirements of the civil wedding. Let’s find out what it takes to get married civilly in the United States!

Today we cover the previous procedures, vouchers, and necessary identifications so that you arrive calm and orderly to the day of your marriage. Because not everything is glamor and celebration!

It does not matter if you marry a civil wedding or a religious ceremony, all marriage to be legal requires some paperwork and administrative steps to be finalized. Application for marriage, birth certificates and address, medical analysis, a course and waiting periods are just some of the requirements. Everything you need to know in this note!

Requirements and Steps to Marry Civilly in the United States

Is a religious marriage legal?

Marriage is a public event so the Church recognizes the role of civil law in marriage. Although the law of the different States differs, in general, the priest or deacon is recognized by them as Justice of the Peace in the context of a religious ceremony. Therefore, the couple is obliged to give the priest a marriage license before the wedding. After the ceremony, the priest signs it and the couple is validly married by the Church and recognized by the State.

Some couples ask the Church to do the religious ceremony and not the civil one. In this case, they will be validly married in the Church, but the State has no record of this. Therefore, the couple could not claim any civil right that would correspond to marry before the State,

What do you need to get married civilly? Steps to follow to finalize your marriage

If you are about to say yes, in addition to a nice dress and the preparations for your party, you will need certain papers and vouchers to get married civilly. This step is important, because it registers the union before the law and this will guarantee you and your partner the rights of marriage. Before there was a Civil Registry, weddings were recognized only by religious institutions. The new spouses had no right as such before the law. Therefore, if you have decided to enjoy them, take note of these requirements of the civil wedding and get ready in advance.

Before going into detail, these are the general steps to follow to get married civilly.

  • Search for your and your partner’s documentation such as driver’s license, departure or birth certificate, social security numbers, etc.
  • You must have at least proof of your identity when applying for a marriage license. In most cases, you must also provide your Social Security number. If your original documents are in a foreign language, you must usually submit a certified translation into English, along with the original copy.
  • Armate the phone number of the civil registry near where you will celebrate your civil wedding to apply for the marriage license.
  • Call them to find out everything you need to obtain the license and start the process for your application in person or online (if available)!
  • Contact the local civil registry and find out what you need to marry civilly before a Justice of the Peace and reserve the date.

Requirements to Apply for a Marriage License

First of all, the requirements to marry by civilians in the United States vary from one State to another. Not only that, but they change over time. Always check with the county civil registry before organizing the rest of your wedding as the requirements change frequently and are not the same for all counties.

Although there are differences between the requirements in the various States, a marriage between two spouses made in one State is recognized by all other States under the Constitution of the United States.

Age of Majority

To be able to marry you and your partner must be over 18 years of age or have the consent of a parent or a judge. In Mississippi, parental consent is necessary for children under 21 years of age. In Nebraska, you can get married at 19.

Civil status

Obviously, this must be single or single. If any of you (or both) are divorced, bring copies of the divorce decree. In Pennsylvania, widowed applicants must bring a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse.

What last name will you use?

Since there is no obligation to change the name of anyone but if they wish, take advantage. The best time to change your legal surname is when you apply for a marriage license. Once the marriage is celebrated, the name that appears on the license application becomes your legal surname!


Discover the Types of Weddings and Style of Ceremonies That Exist A Very Useful Guide!

You get married and you still have not decided which one of all the types of weddings to stay with. Give a review to each one and see which one you choose!

The number of types of weddings continues to multiply. A style is mixed with another me with several other wedding themes and a new trend is imposed. Religious weddings, informal, wanderlust, enchanted forest, bohemian, vintage, industrial or urban and the list is not over.

What if we see the types of basic weddings and some variants of them? Let that inner tingling tell you which one you’ve always dreamed of and take a couple of ideas to start your planning!


Types of Weddings According to the Ceremonies

The civil ceremony is all you need to legally marry although a religious minister can perform the procedures required by law as well.

Religious Weddings

From the simplest to the most pompous, religious weddings are more traditional in style. You can celebrate a religious wedding in the middle of a flowery field or in a church or temple with a few or with hundreds of guests.

Many couples take advantage of the seating capacity of religious institutions to invite all friends and acquaintances to these religious weddings. Then the list of guests at the reception is reduced along with the expenses of the wedding. It’s not a bad idea, right? So nobody is offended that he was not invited.

Civil Weddings

For those couples who prefer the simplicity of marrying before a justice of the peace, civil weddings are the solution. Which does not indicate that there will be no wedding party. Conversely. You can get married during the day and have a party at night. A little rest between one celebration and another, is good. Be sure to read the requirements for getting married in the United States by civil law in this article if you are considering this type of wedding.

Types of Weddings according to your Style

It does not matter if it is religious or civil, ceremonies can have hundreds of styles. After all, when have you attended two identical ceremonies?

Formal wedding

Formal weddings adhere to certain guidelines for both the ceremonial and the dress of the bride and groom and the guests. If tradition is important to you, consider this type of wedding.

Informal Wedding

Choose an informal wedding and mark your own guidelines on how your wedding will unfold, no one stops you. It can incorporate surprise and very funny elements.

Intimate Wedding

Increasingly in trend, intimate weddings have a limited number of guests. They tend to be more informal, more personalized and even more economical.

Weddings in Secret or Elopement

There are couples who prefer to show themselves and others prefer the intimacy of a secret wedding. Secret marriage (previously called conscientious or last minute) is not so secret. You have to have an officiant and at least one or two witnesses (depending on where you marry).

The tendency of secret marriage or in English, the famous elopement of the movies – where the boy put the ladder so that his girlfriend went down and they left for someone to marry them without parental permission, of course – treads more and more strongly. Today, there is no great need to run away from home and are more similar to an intimate wedding, where you do not have to make any preparations or pull your hair to see who is invited and who not to save on expenses.

Of course, the variety of types of weddings does not end here. You can also celebrate interreligious and intercultural weddings, group weddings, double weddings and military weddings. Have you already defined yours.

Simple Guide to Know How to Choose Where to Marry

Simple Guide to Know How to Choose Where to Marry

You gave the yes and now is the time to know how to choose where to get married. This simple guide will help you find the ideal place for your wedding!

How to choose where to get married is one of the questions that couples ask us very often. The choice of the place to celebrate your wedding is essential, so take note because we give you all the advice you need!

There are those who dream of an outdoor ceremony, others who opt for beauty salons, farms and more, others more traditional prefer the church where they were formed. Regardless of this, there are several important aspects to take into account when choosing the location of your wedding.

Simple Guide to Know How to Choose Where to Marry

Without further ado let’s dive into this little guide that will make it easier for you to choose where to get married.

How to Choose Where to Marry: Four Key Points

Finding the dream place to get married does not have to be difficult or stressful. They should only attend to some points, specifically four, to find the ideal place for you.

Before starting to visit places for weddings, there are four key points to consider: the date, the style or theme of the wedding, the number of guests and the budget.

How to Choose Where to Marry: The Date

The date is essential, since it includes weather, the ease of getting certain foods and even influences the decoration. Also, the wedding venue has to be available on the date you are looking for. So the date will be one of the filters to use to choose where to get married.

Keep in mind that the season of the year and the day of the week influence the cost of the wedding. If you are planning to marry by civil or church or are planning an after-party, you should coordinate these dates. Make sure you have the date of the civil or religious ceremony before determining the date of the wedding party.

The day to be held may seem unimportant, but it is. Remember to study what events happen that day near the wedding venue and avoid any delay or problem.

With the definite date we move on to the second point: the style of the wedding.

How to Choose Where to Marry: The Style or Theme of the Wedding

The wedding venue will help determine your style or theme. And vice versa. So when choosing where to marry, discard those spaces that do not go with their style, their theme and even their colors!

Luckily, today the sky is the limit in places that go to the style of weddings. There are infinities of ideas one more creative than another and yes, they can be carried out however peculiar they may seem.

We have seen beautiful rooftop weddings, trips to Paris and even weddings in small and eclectic cafes.

If you already have a style in mind look for the spaces that best suit your ideas. We have all dreamed about the perfect place to get married, but that does not mean that your partner shares the same dream. Try to choose a style, theme and place that reflects both. Both should have a beautiful memory of their great day.

Once the style is defined, add this new filter to choose where to get married. This brings us to the last two points: the number of guests and the dreaded budget.

How to Choose Where to Get Married: The Number of Guests

You know the date and style you want now must determine how many people will attend the wedding. It is one of the things that the wedding place will ask to spend a budget. Create a preliminary guest account and always consider that some will be added at the last minute or they will not be able to attend.

Use the number of guests as a third filter to choose where to get married. If the guest list is 150, renting a room with a quota for 100 will not work. On the other hand, a large room with only 20 people will make the party feel nothing entertaining, but empty and boring.

Consider all the space you will need such as the dance floor, the entertainment area, the wedding tent , if the banquet is buffet style or a formal dinner sitting, if there is enough space to sit and enjoy. All this can make the wedding a success or a complete disaster.