Original and Affordable Wedding Centerpieces: Who Said Inexpensive Had to Look Cheap?

These original and affordable wedding centerpieces are gorgeous and can fit different wedding decors. We even bring you a few tutorials so you can make them all by yourself!

As the first thing a guest notices at a reception, wedding centerpieces must be truly memorable. Here you will find affordable wedding centerpieces that can fit a boho, rustic, vintage, industrial and garden or beach weddings and even at an indoor venue. You can adapt these ideas to your wedding by simply adding a touch of your own style. For example, for a table where gold is king, a centerpiece with a very colorful flower bouquet mixed with candles will look stunning. If you decide later to tone it down and change the color of the plates to a more subdued one, your centerpieces will look just as beautiful.

Beach Wedding Centerpieces with a Romantic Touch of Light

Beach weddings are always romantic. The ocean views, the sound of the rolling waves and the smell of the salty sea breeze make for a unique experience. Beach wedding centerpieces must complement this style, without breaking your budget, of course.

Candles are a terrific option for affordable wedding centerpieces. They can be used in a simple yet effective manner and within a tight budget. Beach weddings are especially romantic when candles take over the wedding decor. This image gives you an idea of what an abundance of crystal and candles looks like.

Combine flowers, candles, tall vases and water for a very delicate look. These simple wedding centerpieces will only embellish your tastefully decorated tables.

Check out these elegant tinted bottles and mason jars as candle holders which protect against the wind to ensure they remain alight throughout the wedding ceremony.

Boho Chic Affordable Wedding Centerpieces: Fresh Aroma of Flowers & Greenery

Today is the last day you ask yourself how to make wedding centerpieces that look terrific, are affordable and easy to put together. These flower-filled ideas will have you lusting after some amazing boho chic centerpieces.

Check out this image of how you can make affordable wedding centerpieces by simply using roses, ranunculus, green filler flowers, olive branches, and a mason jar.

These affordable wedding centerpieces are perfect for a shabby chic garden wedding. Leverage the simplicity of seasonal flowers or just pick your very own from the surrounding countryside.

How to make affordable wedding centerpieces: Simply place your favorite flowers in glass vases or in mason jars. Simply spectacular!

Affordable Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

Have a look at these vintage-inspired and affordable wedding centerpieces. This image gives you an idea of how to make simple wedding centerpieces using a glass bowl that you might have lying around the house (or can borrow from a friend), candles and pearls.

Inexpensive wedding centerpieces don’t have to look dull or cheap. With good taste, dedication, and attention to detail you can create the perfect ornament for your wedding tables. Here is a great idea to make an economic table arrangement. Place some roses and filler flowers in the pot, add some white doilies and a wine bottle by its side. Vintage chic and really affordable.

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