Discover the Types of Weddings and Style of Ceremonies That Exist A Very Useful Guide!

You get married and you still have not decided which one of all the types of weddings to stay with. Give a review to each one and see which one you choose!

The number of types of weddings continues to multiply. A style is mixed with another me with several other wedding themes and a new trend is imposed. Religious weddings, informal, wanderlust, enchanted forest, bohemian, vintage, industrial or urban and the list is not over.

What if we see the types of basic weddings and some variants of them? Let that inner tingling tell you which one you’ve always dreamed of and take a couple of ideas to start your planning!


Types of Weddings According to the Ceremonies

The civil ceremony is all you need to legally marry although a religious minister can perform the procedures required by law as well.

Religious Weddings

From the simplest to the most pompous, religious weddings are more traditional in style. You can celebrate a religious wedding in the middle of a flowery field or in a church or temple with a few or with hundreds of guests.

Many couples take advantage of the seating capacity of religious institutions to invite all friends and acquaintances to these religious weddings. Then the list of guests at the reception is reduced along with the expenses of the wedding. It’s not a bad idea, right? So nobody is offended that he was not invited.

Civil Weddings

For those couples who prefer the simplicity of marrying before a justice of the peace, civil weddings are the solution. Which does not indicate that there will be no wedding party. Conversely. You can get married during the day and have a party at night. A little rest between one celebration and another, is good. Be sure to read the requirements for getting married in the United States by civil law in this article if you are considering this type of wedding.

Types of Weddings according to your Style

It does not matter if it is religious or civil, ceremonies can have hundreds of styles. After all, when have you attended two identical ceremonies?

Formal wedding

Formal weddings adhere to certain guidelines for both the ceremonial and the dress of the bride and groom and the guests. If tradition is important to you, consider this type of wedding.

Informal Wedding

Choose an informal wedding and mark your own guidelines on how your wedding will unfold, no one stops you. It can incorporate surprise and very funny elements.

Intimate Wedding

Increasingly in trend, intimate weddings have a limited number of guests. They tend to be more informal, more personalized and even more economical.

Weddings in Secret or Elopement

There are couples who prefer to show themselves and others prefer the intimacy of a secret wedding. Secret marriage (previously called conscientious or last minute) is not so secret. You have to have an officiant and at least one or two witnesses (depending on where you marry).

The tendency of secret marriage or in English, the famous elopement of the movies – where the boy put the ladder so that his girlfriend went down and they left for someone to marry them without parental permission, of course – treads more and more strongly. Today, there is no great need to run away from home and are more similar to an intimate wedding, where you do not have to make any preparations or pull your hair to see who is invited and who not to save on expenses.

Of course, the variety of types of weddings does not end here. You can also celebrate interreligious and intercultural weddings, group weddings, double weddings and military weddings. Have you already defined yours.

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